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Small Pet Grooming

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We have wide range of grooming tools for dog, cat and various small pets.

Dog/pet grooming is a very common term for people who are looking for effective and perfect dog/pet care. Grooming is actually process in which overall development and cleanliness of dog are maintained. Nowadays grooming has turned very popular in Melbourne and other parts of the Melbourne because of increasing demand of the services. Services are generally provided by any pet experts.

If you hire any proper groomer then result can be different in terms of dog life and behavior. This is required because from health point of view, this thing is required. Why I opt for pet grooming? You should get your dog/cat for grooming because of following reasons:

• This is needed if you want to maintain good health for your pet. 

• To maintain hygiene factor for the pet. 

• Look is also crucial for pet so this thing can be also enhanced using proper services. • Hair cut and skin check up is needed for pets. 

 • To make a love bond between pet and owner.      

Which are popular tools for pet grooming? Curry brush: this is a brush made of plastic and rubber. Purpose is to make skin dust free to avoid infections. Metallic brush cannot be used for the grooming because they can create scratch on skin and eventually damage. Shedding metallic blades: these are used to take off dead hairs from skin. Don’t use this one to cut hair because this is not for that purpose. Clippers: these are used to take off hairs but you shouldn’t do it. Let this be done by any expert. There are different breeds for dogs and cutting varies from breed to breed. Some dogs need hair on their body otherwise they may get climatic problems. Slicker Brush: this is a typical type of brush that is used especially for the pet with long hairs. This is not primary brushing options because first main brushing needs to be implemented and then this one is being done. Fine bend pin based brushes are called slicker brushes. There are many other grooming tools namely scissor, stripper comb, knives, metallic comb, teasels, wire pin brush, slicker brush, rakes, dryers, shampoo, dental accessories, ribbons etc.

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