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Q: What makes the best dog toy?

All dog toys that we offer are strong and as close to indestructible as possible. Thermal plastic rubber (TPR) and non toxic dyes are used that make products tough and safe. All brands we choose offer the best interactive fun for conditions across the harsh climate of Australia. Whether you own a Golden Retriever, Cavalier King Charles, Pit Bull or anything in between, we carefully select toys to improve your pets fitness.

Q: What other benefits do dog toys provide?

The short answer is - many including:

  • improving their teeth with great dental toys and treats including the Seriously Strong range;
  • throw and fetch toys from brands Toyz and ChuckIt. These will improve your dogs cardiovascular system;
  • puzzle and interactive toys that will keep your dog excited for hours and develop intelligence and improved memory (yes, make your dog smart!); and last but not least
  • rope toys for that tug of war that Australian dogs love.
  • High frequency toys with a squeak that only dogs hear. Try out the Hear Doggy range. Truly amazing.

Q: How does Australia differ from the rest of the world and why does this matter when purchasing dog toys?

Dogs of Australia need to adapt to conditions from the humid North to the cold of a Melbourne winter. It is important that dog toys we choose offer the best quality to handle these conditions. In our ever expanding cities, we also need to provide dogs with more ways to keep themselves busy, especially those living in apartments and smaller spaces.

Q: What is a good budget to buy a dog toy?

You can spend less than $1 on a dog toy which they will love however you need to be conscious of keeping your pet interested over many hours. The average family will spend over $1,000 per year on food and treats so it is important you also invest in your dogs fitness. Buying a range of toys will give both you and your pet endless hours of enjoyment that 1 tennis ball may not.

So whether your budget is big or small, we have the knowledge and experience you can trust in selecting an amazing dog toy that your pet will love. Think dog toy, think PetsDepartment. The best dog toys for your best friend in Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD), Perth, Adelaide and beyond. 



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