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Dog bedding, beds and mattresses

Q: What makes a good dog bed and dog mattress?

Like humans, the domestic dog or Canis familiaris are sensitive animals, especially in their sleep. Dogs have the same senses of sight, hearing and smell as humans however this is where the similarities end (in a big way). Their hearing, once fully grown, is 4 times better than humans and smell is over 1,000 times better and can be significantly more.

With this in mind and thinking of the types of things that wake you up at night, it is no wonder that dogs need a comfortable surface to sleep on. 

When choosing a bed, their breed is an important consideration. Make sure you understand their physical attributes and the grooming you give them. Do they have short hair? Then a softer, fluffier mattress might be preferred to keep them warm.

Do they have long hair? Then a firmer padded mattress is preferred.

Q: I live in a climate that is hot, cold, humid and everything in between. What dog bed should I buy?

It is no secret that Australia's climate varied greatly. From the dry heat of country Victoria and NSW to the winter cold of Melbourne and Tasmania. This combined with humid and tropical weather in Sydney, Brisbane and Northern Queensland. You should always consider the year round climate when choosing a dog bed and pet bed. 

Q: What bed is good for inside compared to outside?

If you have a dog that is mainly kept outside, a nice soft yet hard wearing dog bed or dog mattress like the Outdoor Paws range provides a solid Teflon coated surface that is tough and comfortable. If you have an inside dog, they are often less used to the harsh realities of outdoor living and should be looked after appropriately. Sleeping on the cold floor can lead to arthritis in some dogs so always provide a quality surface such as the Sam's Luxury or Country ranges.

Q: What materials make a good dog bed?

Dog beds are made from a huge variety of materials and you should be careful when choosing yours. Consider the quality of the foam and feel of the material (textile fabric or a soft cotton or polyester). Choosing the right fabric will ensure you have a dog bed for many years. Beds made in the Far East are often constructed with more precision and consistency and the stitching is better (China are the best in the world at manufacturing, their economy is a testament to that). At PetsDepartment, we have partnered with only the best and most trusted brands, offering premium quality at excellent price points.

Q: What about fashion and colours?

Australians love a DIY job and love to keep their homes beautiful, spending thousands in makeovers. So make sure you consider this when buying a dog bed. Neutral colours will fit almost any setting whereas the bright patterned designs give your home a feature. 


Which type of dog beds provoke dog to chew on? 


Nowadays there are many companies in Australia that design and manufacture dog beds. Using both traditional methods and opting for scientifically researched techniques are two different things. You should select a bed which has been designed keeping both your dog’s nature and their behaviour in consideration rather than only considering luxury looking beds.     


It is quite strange that dogs often attack designer dog beds more than simple one. Beds with various additional components like buttons, pleats, obvious Zips etc are never suggested because they are additional and often unnecessary. If dog is not able to understand value of designer beds then what is their purpose? You would have also seen that most dogs usually try to dig especially when they wakeup or before sleeping. This is a natural activity, which can be hardly controlled. To overcome, this issue you should invest in some toys. 


What about Indestructible dog beds? Is there any real such bed or this is a business gimmick?

The honest answer for this question is, that there is no indestructible dog bed though there are beds which are very tough. Many companies have already produced confusing marketing emphasising that there are many scientifically designed beds which will never destruct. Do they offer beds constructed with steel or rock? As per PETA, Australia, there should be beds which should give comfort and prevent skin issues. 


Which type of dog beds should be purchased?

• Go for round shaped beds because they are not easy to hold in jaw.

• Vinyl type materials are not easy to hold for animals.

• Raised beds with coating of metal or PVC plastic are good option.

• Blankets can be used.


Which material is safe for dog beds?

Materials used for production of dog beds have always been an important matter of discussion as many materials can include toxins and result in skin problems. Some materials, which we rate safe are Cordura Nylon, Ballistic nylon and Vinyl weave. 


Conclusion: Sometime, by relying on the name and marketing of indestructible and luxury dog beds, we create problems for our pet. First, ensure you understand all concerns and characteristics of dog beds before finalisation of your purchase. This is a matter of comfort for your loved one.  

We have tried to touch various aspects of dog beds to ensure your special friends pores are comfortable. This article was intended to give you a better understanding of pet beds.  

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