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Cat Grooming

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Cat grooming products

A soft silky coat for your kitty cat? Check out our carefully selected cat grooming range.

Always ensure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner developed for your feline that will remove fleas, dirt and dust.  Human and other pet shampoos can often be harmful.

We have a great range of the best cat grooming products in our online store to give them the occasional pamper.

Cat Grooming Brushes

Cats are very different to humans however have many similarities. Like many children, brushing can be seen as a painful experience that they avoid. Our range of cat brushes have been designed with soft easy grip handles for you and premium constructed soft touch bristles to make the experience fun.

Our range includes combs, brushes and many more useful items that will allow you to develop a great friendship with your cat in a difficult situation.

Cat shampoo and conditioner

So what makes a good shampoo ? In the last decade, a huge range of pet shampoos have come on to the market, with many claims from waterless’ to ‘natural’ and many free from lots of cleaning agents.

Considerations such as the length or desired length of their coat and if they spend a lot of time outdoors are important when considering cat hygiene. Given that many cats do not like water, a waterless shampoo is great. Byotrol are a European company and a leader in hygiene technology and have created some great pet products including a waterless cat and kitten shampoo. Nicely scented and includes a good cleaning agent.

Shampoos should reduce knots and matting in addition to making them easy to brush. 

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