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Dog Toys and the Best Dog Toy Brands 2017

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The simple dog toy has come a long way since the 1970’s when simple tennis balls or Frisbee's were the norm. Product and industrial designers have used their expert knowledge of materials, weight and shapes to produce a huge variety of toys for all dogs great and small. Dogs are curious creatures and require enormous amounts of stimulation. It is for this reason that the range of dog toys and dog toy brands have expanded greatly. So what are the best dog toy brands in the world? Here is a list of the very best dog toy brands.

Kong or KONG are developers of toys for pets. They were first introduced in 1976 and have grown to be one of the most trusted dog toy companies in the world. Based in Colorado, USA and founded by Joe Markham after he noticed his German Shephard was damaging his teeth by munching on rocks. “Possibly the best-known dog toy in the world” according to the book Planet Dog and an absolute favourite in Australia. What toys do they produce? The Kong Classic and Kong Extreme are two of the most recognisable dog toy sin the world. Tough, durable and loads of interactive fun. The toys come in many shapes and sizes for puppies, small, medium and large dogs. The Kong Classic is hollow and can be filled with treats or even frozen for longer lasting fun. Perfect as a distraction for anxious or extremely playful dogs

Other toys include the Kong Wubba, Kong AirDog range and a great range of plush, floating and interactive dog toys. Do they produce cat toys? Yes, Kong also have a great range of cat products and toys including catnip, fun cat toys and cool kitten products.

Next on our list is Outward Hound, founded to ensure the improved life of pet parents with genuine innovation. A very lofty goal? Absolutely. That is precisely why their team consists of genuine dog loving designers and product quality experts. Their toys ensure satisfaction for dog and owner, leading to happier and healthier fun. Their fantastic range include the hugely popular Treat Chaser games as well as the Doggy Blocks Spinner, Jigsaw Glider Treat Hiding Interactive dog toy and Tic-Tac-Twirl interactive dog toy. Raise the Woof to the Outward Hounds team as they really do make a difference in the pet world. Looking for inspiration in your next dog gift? Look for Outward Hound

Who is up next in our list of fantastic pet toy brands? Pet Stages, designers, manufacturers and genuine innovators who provide pets with a huge range of products for all stages of their lives. Whether your dog is a senior, middle aged or just a puppy, they have the answers that are educational, fun, interactive and more. Based in the USA, their team includes the best in design, marketing, clinical advisory and manufacturing. The products are safe and durable, perfect for both dogs and cats. Their range includes Orka bone and Crunch core toys.

Of course we couldn’t have a list without one of the new entrants on the block. Leaders in the ‘human’ toy market, Nerf branched out into dog toys in 2014. Why did they do that? Nerf which stands for non-expanding recreation foam are designed with indoor and outdoor play in mind. They are also designed for flight. This made the perfect foundation for a great new range of dog toys. They’ve used a mix of traditional Nerf material plus tougher rubber and plastic in creating these retriever toys, perfect for any canine friend. The colours are super bright for high visibility and the shapes make them easy to throw and fetch.

Materials including natural rubber, nylon with triple stitching and poly-cotton are used with durability and performance at the heart of each design. Toys include the Jai Alai Launcher and Nerf Trackshot. What sizes are available? Yes, Nerf have a great range of sizes and vibrant colours perfect for all dogs.

Up next is Seriously Strong . Looking for tough dog toys? Look no further than Seriously Strong. From the pet product experts Petface. Super tough toys and products for dogs. The range includes seriously strong rubber, tough, reinforced plush and a huge range of rope, rubber, plastic and treats toys. Is your dog a notorious chew that destroys everything in its sight? This range will combat that problem. While not invincible they do withstand a really good chewing. Made with a combination of durable materials and manufacturing techniques that ensure they are seriously strong. Fabrics are reinforced and the squeakers are carefully hidden within the internal structure. With a striking orange and black colour and the coolest of branding, these will look great in any pooches big mouth. Toys including the Seriously Strong Treat Ball, Super Rubber and Plush Lobster and Seriously Strong rope toy range. The all new Nobbly range are superb tough rubber dental toys and will add even further to the range

If your pet is an expert at outdoor play, look no further than Toyz by Petface. This bright and durable range floats and flies, perfect for retrievers and outdoor games of fetch. Non toxic synthetic materials are used including soft texture rubber and tough rope toys. The range includes the enormous Toyz King Size Rope, the Tug & Kick Ball plus cool treat toys like the Crystal Tower Chew Treat and Piggy Treat Toys. Perfect for chewing and dental hygiene.

Petface, The fabulous British designers of pet products. Known for their very colourful and bright ranges of durable toys including the Farmyard Buddies range, Bugs & Bees, Outdoor Paws and Little Petface. They also have a huge range of the coolest cat and small animal toys including the brands Catkins for cats and Pipkins for small animals.

Petface never compromise on quality and are the pet product experts.

Jackson Galaxy by Petmate want you to share a better world with your kitten or cat. Their range ensures they use natural instincts insuring play. Products include the Motor Mouse

Jw, intelligent ideas, happy pets. Also part of the the Petmate family is made to be intelligent. Each products potential is realised through extraordinary design, durable materials and by looking beyond. The iconic Hol-ee Roller is a fetch toy, treat puzzle, tug toy and tough dura or chew toy developed to keep your dog engaged whatever the game.

Jw are focused primarily on innovation but also a genuine passion for pets, creating products that improve the life of pets and pet parents. Their passion comes from the heart and their products come from years of development and fine tuning. With over 100 patents, they really do know design. We love products including Jw Gladiator Helmet, Jw Megalast Long Dog and Jw Tough Cuz.

In our next article we'll review more of the best dog toy brands including Rogz, maker of the Grinzl Ball, Monster dog toys, ChuckIt!, the developers of fetch games and toys including their premium ChuckIt ball launcher, Outdoor Paws, Petmate, Petsafe, Busy Buddy, Dogzilla and Little Petface. We'll also review dog toys by Nina Ottosson , makers of interactive games that offer mental stimulation for puppies and dogs such as the Dog Casino and other puzzle dog toys.

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